Meet Your Photographer

Tim Cameron, is the studios 3rd photographer in as many generations. You will not meet someone more passionate about their profession.  Family Portraits and Weddings are two of Tim's favorites to photograph.

Family Portraits are a responsibility he does not take lightly, as it is the one thing he does not have from his childhood. "Every time I photograph a family portrait I consider myself lucky to be entrusted to create a family heirloom"

For those of you that like to know the credentials; Tim Cameron is a Master Photographer, he is one of the 3% of the photographers nation wide to be  Certified and Tim also holds the degree of Photographic Craftsman from PPA for teaching his craft to other. 

Mr. Cameron presents educational programs to professional photographers throughout the nation and judges in the New England area. Tim is considered one of the 50 most successful portrait artist in the country and was recently selected to Co-Author the 21st Century Guide to Portraiture. Tim has also published many articles for photography industry magazines & newsletters.

Some of Mr. Cameron's accomplishments include George M. Hastings Award and 20 time winner of the Kodak Gallery or Fuji Masterpiece Award. Tim is the recipient of the "National Award" from Professional Photographers of America for service to the profession.

These days, photography is practiced by anyone with a smartphone, but it's mastered by few. When it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime moments—when you've got one shot at getting it right—you better make sure the person behind the camera is a pro. A proven professional photographer that is a Certified Professional Photographer.